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Your wedding is a very special occasion, You'll want to look and feel your absolute best on the big day. While you may be focused on gowns and veils right now, it's also a good time to plan for skin that's all the more radiant when you walk down the aisle.

As a licensed esthetician, my job and role is to help you look your best. For example, stress can manifest on your face in the form of breakouts and I can help you manage these. You may find it surprising that a facial or treatment too close to your wedding day isn't advisable, but you can work months ahead on a regular treatment plan that will give you the bridal glow. Similarly, if you are planning a honeymoon cruise or beach vacation, you won't want to wax too close to your departure date since ultraviolet rays and just-waxed skin don't mix. Careful planning will be your best ally during this exciting and busy time.